Parents should inform the school as early in the morning as possible if a child is going to be absent.

This will be logged as the Government requires schools to keep detailed records of children’s attendance and absences. Absence is recorded as authorised or unauthorised, depending on the reason, and this forms part of your child’s school report. It is school policy to monitor attendance and to consult parents and the Education Welfare Officer if there is concern.

As a school we take our safeguarding duties very seriously.  If we have not been informed by 9:30 on the morning of a child’s first day of absence, we will ring you to ask the whereabouts of your child.  This system is known as ‘First Response’ and is in place in many schools across the country.  By doing this we are secure in the knowledge that all our pupils are safe and are where they should be.

Absence for holidays taken during term time has to be authorised by the Headteacher and can only be authorised under exceptional circumstances.  Head Teachers cannot authorise holidays which exceed a total of ten school days in any school year.  Please be aware that we do not authorise any absences for holidays during the term where SATs take place.

School attendance is monitored by Mrs Danielle Hudson, our Attendance Officer.  She may get in touch from time to time to make parents aware of an attendance concerns and to offer support.